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My name is Sophie, I'm a 21 year old Nanny that is up in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. I'm orginally from a small rural town about six and a half hours away from where I am now. I am th eldest of 3 children and I'm currently looking after three fantastic boys who not only make me laugh but also give me plenty of ideas for my story writing.

I've only just started to write NCIS Fan Fiction, put since the age of about 13 I have been writing for Harry Potter, X-men the Movie and X-men: Evolution. Plus a few one shots for a couple of other TVshows and books over the years. I've written them all on a different account but I've decided to make a new start and that is where my aussiedarlin account comes in. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think about my writing. I usually take critisim well and will only backchat badly when I think you are getting too out of had and disrespectful!

If you're looking for me at other places I can usually be found under the name sofimac16. So if you see that name don't be afraid to drop in a say HI!
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