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Challenges: 611
Challengers: 7
Challenges: 611
Challengers: 7
Challenges: 611
Challengers: 7
Challenges: 611
Challengers: 7
Challenges: 611
Challengers: 7
Challenges: 611
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A New Chapter Begins by Smartkid37 FR18
Picking up where "Dearly Beloved" left off. Tim and Leroy's honeymoon has been...
Need You Now by mysslyss FR13
Set between Aliyah and Truth or Consequences. Tony and ZIva need each other...

Unfortunately, we never could get the forums repaired and GoDaddy (our host) refused to do anything to help. Because of the declining activity, the rise in spam, and the expense, we will be shutting down the NFA in December.

If you have anything on this site that you want to transfer somewhere else and/or preserve for yourself, you have four months to do so. We wanted to make sure that there was plenty of time to take care of that.

We have loved hosting the NFA and giving people a place to manage their stories and we regret that this is a necessity.

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Welcome to the NCIS Fanfiction Addiction Community Story Board! Visit our current forums here.

The NFA Community forums are down.

If you wish you socially interact with your friends from the NFA, I have created an NFA CHAT server on Discord. Click the following link to join our channel. We have areas for general chat, SeSa, episodes, NCIS news and round robin. We can add more if we need to.

If you have questions you may contact me at

Checkout the NFA Story Board Help Forum here for help on registering, submitting etc or just to ask general questions.


Please note known bug: When you submit a story you may notice that it has been automatically assigned to a series. This is a reporting error and your story will not be assigned to that series.

Notes on challenges:

All challenges end on the quoted day at 23h:59m:59s in the Challenge Time Zone: defined as local time in UT-8 (i.e. it changes with dayight saving).

Current time in the challenge time zone is


We are often asked: "How can I enter a challenge?"
There are two meanings to the word "enter" here.
1) Anyone who has an account on the Story Board can write a story and submit it to a challenge that is running in the challenges section.
2) It's a smaller group of people who can create ("initiate") a challenge. To be a member of that group, you must create an account on the NFA ( ), make at least 50 posts there, and post your challenge in the Challenges forum there. The staff will then post the challenge on the Story Board.
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The NFA Community forums are down. We are working hard to correct the problem, but it may take some time to get it back up and running. If you wish you socially interact with your friends from the NFA...

Posted by iheartGibbs | 12/28/2017 08:04 pm | -5 Comments | News Archive          
Challenge listing order
The order in which challenge entries are listed has changed from alphabetical by title to challenge creation date. The most recently created challenge is listed first.
Posted by ozgeek | 04/06/2012 09:38 pm | -1 Comments | News Archive          
A number of characters have been added to the character lists, including the characters for NCIS: Los Angeles,
Posted by | 09/12/2009 11:09 am | 3 Comments | News Archive          
New clock
I added a clock to the welcome board showing the current time in the challenge time zone.
Posted by ozgeek | 03/22/2009 10:39 pm | 0 Comments | News Archive          
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