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Challenges: 552
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Breaking Free by Gotta FR13
My entry for the Happy/Normal Life Challenge After saving Fornell and ridding...
Just Things by Briwd FR15
When Gibbs finds himself in a parallel reality, he's reminded of what he lost...
Abby, Kate & Ziva by Briwd FR15
Set in the Rizzoli, Isles & Todd AU, and written for NFA's All Girls Together...
Subtle World by akaeve FR13
Tim is abducted by Aliens
Parlay and Plans by thecookiemomma FR15
Hetty surprises Gibbs in more ways than one. She'll always go to bat for her...
A Midsummer Night's Scream by DNAchemLia FR15
It started, as it often did, with a dead Petty Officer.
The Better Half by IMSLES FR7
Another case cuts into Ellie's personal life, but to what end.
Snowed In by sansone FR15
When a snow storm hits the DC area, the team is forced to spend the night at...
Gutted, Tony's Burst Bubble by akaeve FR7
Tag to South by South-east, written for ficlet challenge
Saying Goodbye by sansone FR13
Episode Tag for Kill Ari pt.1. Abby has another vision of Kate.
Birds of a Feather by Vanessa FR13
Tony is asked to watch a neighbor's precocious pet bird, Albert. And Albert...
Wounds Invisible by Fingersnaps FR15
Ducky and Gerald discuss life and love. This story contains discussion of romantic...
I Know I Was A Pain by K9Lasko FR7
Remember that one time when Tony stayed at Gibbs' place? No? Neither do I.
Rule Number 12 by DNAchemLia FR15
A simple decision can change everything. AU for the end of Season 2 and the...
Never Alone by Callen37 FR13
Sequel to Where were you? Tim McGee, fights his head injury and his feelings...
The Real Ones by finlaure FR7
Gibbs on Veteran's Day.

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