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Challenges: 562
Challengers: 6
Challenges: 562
Challengers: 6
Challenges: 562
Challengers: 6
Challenges: 562
Challengers: 6
Challenges: 562
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A Job Done Well by Gotta FR13
With the successful end to a troubling case, Gibbs expresses himself to his...
Just Can't Win by K9Lasko FR15
A year gone by and Gibbs has missed much more than a kid's birthday party. S9...
Spelunk by Enthusiastic Fish FR13
My entry in the Phobia Challenge. Tim gets trapped in a cave, alone in the dark...
It's All in a Name by IMSLES FR7
This is written for Anthroponomastics challenge. That is using the meaning of...
Food For Thought by akaeve FR13
The Team are fed up with Tony the joker and decide to repay big time. Involves...
Cold As Ice by Fingersnaps FR15
Past events have a habit of coming back and haunting the MCRT, and it’s...
Signs and Signals by flootzavut FR7
Part of the Rosefern AU. Gibbs attempts to keep in contact with Kate, with a...
Alone? by thecookiemomma FR13
Tony gets lost in the woods. He's all alone. Or is he?
Back to the Badlands by Enthusiastic Fish FR13
Entry in the Road Narrative Challenge and sequel to Out of the Badlands. Set...
And So It Goes by fallenangel218 FR15
Summary: He really should move on, but it isn't as easy as everyone told him...
Height of Decadence by akaeve FR7
One of Dr Mallard's long winded stories. When he and his mother lived it up...
My Heart & Soul-My Love by BlackhawkStrykr FR18
Shapeshifting Agents are either dead or disappearing.The "Wolf Pack" (Gibbs...
The Golden Door by Phaetona FR13
Crack!Fic Gibbs/McGee

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The order in which challenge entries are listed has changed from alphabetical by title to challenge creation date. The most recently created challenge is listed first.
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A number of characters have been added to the character lists, including the characters for NCIS: Los Angeles,
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I added a clock to the welcome board showing the current time in the challenge time zone.
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06/18/15 12:51 pm
one of my chapters has been cut off - the last almost 2,000 words is missing. I have never seen anything posted on this site about a word limit for chapters. apparently there is one?
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