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Challenges: 531
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NCharlIesangelS - Classic Crossovers Challenge by Briwd FR13
Written for the Classic Crossovers challenge at NFA, this is a crossover between...
The Broken One by Rogue Tomato FR7
If anything would bring Ziva back to him, it would be this. Tiva one-shot set...
Painted Hearts by Wingstar102 FR21
A slice of life for Gibbs and McGee. Plus, painting.
Simple Pleasures by thecookiemomma FR13
Leroy Jethro Gibbs is not a complicated man. Inspired by Robert W. Service's...
It's just SOP by thecookiemomma FR13
It's a regular day inside a military-aligned agency.
Shipping Gemcity by Briwd FR18
Written for the Fanfiction Challenge at NFA. Tony and Ziva discover fanfiction-...
A Mainstay of Civilization by Vanessa FR7
Ducky finds himself in need of a bracing cup of tea.
Ethereal by DNAchemLia FR15
Gibbs gets information pretty easily. Thanks to something hinky that just got...
Things that were Glorious had no Glory by SongBirdie-101 FR13
She’s willingly given up everything in its name, and it had taken everything...
Was It Real? by Briwd FR18
Written for the We're Not Canon challenge at NFA.   Kate Todd went undercover...
Dancing in the Dark by Enthusiastic Fish FR15
My entry in the Bone Chilling challenge. I tried to write what might be a classic...
Just For Tonight by flootzavut FR13
A rough case leaves the team smarting, and a sticky situation at home sends...
Blood Orange by Fingersnaps FR13
They’re just walls, why would a member of the MCRT find it so hard to...
Hub Caps and Mop Caps by akaeve FR7
Let's just say lost in translation.....written for Random Selector Challenge...
Decisions by Enthusiastic Fish FR7
My oneshot entry for the Random Generator Challenge. After five years working...
What We Shared is Now Shattered by Mae34 FR15
Tim comes home to find his brother on his doorstep. It's not a happy reunion...
No Escaping the Past When You Donít Want to Let It Go by IMSLES FR7
Tony can't escape his past, but is he ready when it returns and offers him another...
Jack by Callen37 FR15
3 years ago Callen found out something from his 'ex-wife' Tracy, Something he...
Feed the Hunger by Fullmetal Embers FR18
Almost every full moon McGee suffers from a furry problem, but where there's...

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